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Sthef Folgar is a uruguayan photographer and filmmaker, based in Madrid, Spain. In her works she explores the boundaries of known places and our perception of them with special focus on these - in between - space in natural and artificial constructions.

Sthef has a Master’s degree in Contemporary Photography from EFTI International School and a Master of Arts of Escuela Sur - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She has worked as freelance on different photography projects, developed personal experimental films and collaborate with visual art installations.

Selected workshops

Cristina García Rodero, Lottie Davies, Simon Norfolk, Javier Vallhonrat, Daniel Canogar, Eugenio Ampudia, Jesús Micó, Santiago Olmo, Ciuco Gutiérrez, Gervasio Sánchez, Jon Uriarte, Ricardo Cases, Xavier Ribas, Virginia Patrone, Nicolás Combarro, Jorge Fuembuena, Veronika Marquez.

Exhibitions, Installations / Residences

Other lands, other sounds - Artistic Residence. 2019, Gois, Portugal.

Círculo de Bellas Artes - Collective exhibition: Sin Título 018. 2018, Madrid, Spain.

La Fábrica - Collective exhibition: El color de la noche. Madrid, Spain. 2018

Millepiani Exhibition Space - Collective exhibition: The Image of the Savage. 2017, Roma, Italy.

Círculo de Bellas Artes - Collective exhibition: Caja blanca, Caja negra. 2017, Madrid, Spain.  

The UMW Media Wall - University Mary Washington -  December Guest Artist. 2016, Virginia, USA. 

EFTI - Collective exhibition: Hacia dónde mirar. 2016, Madrid, Spain.

Medialab Prado - Art Installation: Tejiendo Luces (collaborative work). 2016, Madrid, Spain. 

Cine Universitario del Uruguay - Video Art Installation: El Rumor del Follaje. 2016, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Fundación Unión. Collective Exhibition: "Language translations". 2014, Montevideo, Uruguay.


Publications (Print / Online)

F-STOP Magazine - Featured in issue "At night". 2018. 

Tarántula Revista Cultural - Article reviewing the photographic project "Backland". Madrid, Spain. 2018

Der Greif - Featured in issue #9 Print Magazine. Augsburg, Germany. 2016

If You Leave. Shortlist for IYL showcase 2016. London, UK. 2016

Festivals /Screenings


Laterale Film Festival. Screening: Natural Paradox. 2017, Cosenza, Italy.

London Experimental Film Festival. Screening: Natural Paradox. 2016, London, UK.

Off The Wall - International Video Art Festival - Screening: Natural Paradox. 2016, Wisconsin, USA.

Lightworks - Festival of New Media - Screening: Natural Paradox. 2016, Grimsby, UK.

Encontros Da Imagem - International Photography FestivalScreening: Backland. 2016, Braga, Portugal.

PhotoEspaña International Photography Festival - Selected to portfolio reviews. 2016, Murcia, Spain.

Meconio - New Filmmakers Festival - Screening: Natural Paradox. 2016, Madrid, Spain.

Fotoproyectos 13. Screening: Backland. Galería UnoNueve. 2016, Madrid, Spain.

Fotoproyectos 12. Screening: Natural Paradox. Galería UnoNueve. 2015, Madrid, Spain.


Acciona Grant. Grant to attend the Master of Arts. Escuela Sur - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. 2016, Madrid, Spain.

IED - LEV Festival Grant. Grant to attend the course Digital Arts and Experience Design. IED Design. 2016, Madrid, Spain.

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