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Although the incessant lights are a constant reminder of the formidable presence of the city, the eerie nocturnal silence allows a brief insight into the uncanny and limitless dimension of nature.


I attempt to enter into this feeling of vertigo that separates the unknown from the known, and explore this union between the domesticated and the wild where emerges a new territory  that refers to, but is not.

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Natural Paradox


Video Installation | 16:9 | 1:52 min |2016

By Sthef Folgar


Laterale Film Festival (Jun 2017 | Cosenza, Italy) // UMW Media Wall - University of Mary Washington (Dec  2016 | Virginia, USA)

Fotoproyectos 14 - Espacio UnoNueve (Dec  2016 | Madrid, Spain) // Hacia dónde mirar - EFTI Center for Photography and Cinema (Dec  2016 | Madrid, Spain)

Meconio New Filmmakers Festival (Nov 2016 | Madrid, Spain)  //  Lightworks New Media Festival (Oct 2016 | Grimsby, UK) 

London Experimental Film Festival (Oct 2016 | London, UK)  // Off The Wall International Video Art Festival (Aug 2016 | Wisconsin, USA)   

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